(By JA Clement)


When Kate Pickford came up with the idea of putting together an anthology in a month, I offered to help. We knew that to assemble a few stories and bring them to market in such a short time was going to be a bit of an undertaking… but (as you might guess from the screaming juggernaut of fantastical splendour you have just read), it kind of snowballed…

This anthology has been a testament to the goodwill, hard work, and superbly generous spirit of the indie community. It could not have been done without the many people who stepped up to offer their help, to the point where we had six different teams running different parts of it at once.

These acknowledgments are also on our website We’ve put links to their business pages where relevant, so please do go and look them up!

So: huge thanks for the goodwill, professionalism and frankly terrible cat jokes to

Proofing: Crystal Wren and her Posse Cats: Audra Marie Spicer, Cindy Pearson, DJ Cooper, Elaine Bateman, Esther Morrison, Judy Clothier, Liv Honeywell, Marion Hermannsen, Micky Cocker, Nicole Grotepas, Robyn Sarty, Samantha Achaia-Picinich, Sonia Rao, Veronica Stephan-Miller, William Van Winkle, and Wunji Lau.

Formatting: Marion Hermannsen
Blurbs: Brian Meeks
Bookbub ads for launch: Micah Crowsey

Facebook Gurus: Jenn Mitchell, Angela Marshall
Instagramistas: Lasairiona McMaster and Sally Clement
Twittermeister: Erin McCabe
Goodreads Queen: Marion Hermannsen

Webmaster: Kenzie Kelly
Newsletter Swap Supremo: Julia Huni
Graphics Geniuses: Marcus Alexander Hart, Stephanie Mylchreest, Andy McWain, Efthalia Pegios
Cat logo: Selina Fenech
Cover Auction: Alice Briggs
Troubleshooter: Erika Everest

And so many others, I can’t even tell you. 

To my wonderful Hellcats: 

Thank you all SO MUCH for your efforts and your enthusiasm. There are so many ways in which we could not have gotten this far without you, your generosity, and joyous enthusiasm. It has truly been an honour to work with you all.

And to Kate Pickford: you did this, m’dear. This happened because you would not stand back and let an old lady be bullied out of her house. You should be so, so proud of the efforts you inspired, and the tribe you created. You’re Chief Hellcat now, and that is a title and a tribe to be proud of.


JA Clement.
Chief Cat-Herder.